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Capitol City Crunch Cereal Enters the World of Cereal one Crunch at a Time!

Imagine a cereal that isn't loaded with sugar but tastes absolutely delicious! Imagine a cereal that when you pick up the box you have a sense of pride, a few moments to read the affirmation of the day and have the minerals and vitamins that everyone needs to stay healthy and positive! We made a cereal just for you! If you’re looking for the best cereal product you’ve come to the right place. The cereal is flavored with vanilla and strawberry corn crisp. Ingredients include Iron, Vitamin A, C & D.   You can depend on us for impeccable services, including Preorder, Distribution and Deliveries. 

In the Media

 We’re proud to share with you that on National Cereal Day which was on March 7, 2024, Capitol City Crunch was unveiled on Fox5 DC, Wttg-TV. Here is the link to watch:


About the Owners of CCC

Noel & Brandi are cereal entrepreneurs who are the owners of Capitol City Crunch. The are also the owners of Day and Night Exotic Cereal Bar VA, which is a premier cereal bar that is the home of the "viral cereal milkshakes." Noel is also the owner of Five Star Powerwashing & Brandi is the CEO of Amala Lives and is a best-selling author. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with!


As Seen on Fox5DC!

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