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Capitol City Crunch: A Premier, Delicious & Historical Cereal!
The First Cereal Brand in the DMV!


About Our Cereal Brand

Noel Warner and Brandi Forte who are cereal entrepreneurs, make history by creating the first Cereal Brand from the Nation's Capital, Washington, DC.

Capitol City Crunch is a low-sugar vanilla and strawberry crisp cereal that provides a nostalgic feel & provides historical, landmarks and affirmations on its very own cereal.

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If you are a fan of cereal, you’ve come to the right place. Capitol City Crunch  is the new "premier" cereal that is nutritious, tasty and flavorful. This cereal brand is the first of it's kind and African-American owned. Capitol City Crunch will be officially released to every major city in the country in June 2024. Please pre-order your cereal today.

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Coming Summer 2024! Pre-order your CCC box today!

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